The Importance of Customer Service

If you don’t already know, customer service is important. Great customer service can lead to an increase in sales by gaining referrals for new and repeat customers for free. Customer service doesn’t cost a thing. It requires effort, attention to detail, and a smile.

Here are some need to know statistics:

  • 58% of people will pay more for great customer service.
  • 44% of customers will switch to a competitor after receiving poor customer service.
  • 53% switch because they felt unappreciated.
  • 42% switch due to rude behavior
  • 55% of potential customers have changed their mind about making a purchase because of poor customer service.
  • 58% say that they will never go back.
  • 95% of customers share their bad experiences.
  • 45% share negative reviews on social media
  • 63% of your potential customers read those negative reviews


So, what can you do to improve your customer service?

  1. Get Personal. Make every single customer of yours feel special by getting personal. If you’re shipping a product, write a personalized note saying “thank you”, learn your customers’ names so that you can greet them the next time they visit your location, ask how your customers are doing and follow up next time you see them, or memorize their order.  The list is almost endless. Whichever route you decide to take, just make your customers feel like family.
  2. Admit Your Mistakes. “The customer is always right”. While this isn’t the case every time, sometimes it is best to just suck it up and take the hit. The last thing that you want is for a customer to walk out angry.
  3. Go Beyond. Go out of your way to make your customers feel like they are welcome and to let your customers know that you care about them. If a customer received an incorrect order at their table or in the mail, fix the order and give them something free, like $10 off their next purchase. TIP: This is also a great way to get customers to return to make another purchase.
  4. Smile! Sometimes, a smile and a happy attitude is all it takes. Who wants to go eat somewhere that has an unhappy and disgruntled staff? Whatever it takes, ensure that you and your staff take deep breaths and think happy thoughts.
  5. Give More. Try giving away something small that could make your customer happy, like a free appetizer to a loyal customer for example. You are in the business of making money so you shouldn’t just give away your product or service away for free, so be cognizant of what you are giving away and to who.

Marketing and advertising can be expensive, but the little (and important) things such as customer service can go a long way. If your customers are happy, they will be back with their friends, and when they do, ask them for some feedback. Getting positive feedback on your Facebook page, Google Reviews, or your website can help build trust with other potential customers.

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