Instagram: Hashtags

If you are one of those pages that uses several hashtags in an attempt to reach more followers, STOP! Hashtags used to be a great way to promote your page on Instagram to get additional likes and followers. Every since Facebook acquired Instagram, Facebook has been slowly implementing its own algorithms into Instagram’s framework. Why? So that Facebook can take advantage of paid advertising and to limit (or eliminate) spam. With Facebook’s algorithms, users see what Facebook thinks you want to see most. Next time you login, check out the “latest” posts on your feed and see how along ago they’ve been posted.
In addition to Facebook’s algorithms, Instagram now bans / limits popular hashtags so that users are forced into limiting their spamming efforts. Every since Instagram was released, users have taken advantage of popular hashtags so that they can build traffic on their posts, even if the hashtag has zero relevance to the actual post. For example, using the hashtag “car” even though there’s only an Instagram model taking a selfie in the bathroom mirror.
Another huge change that Instagram made to its platform is it’s search screen. Instagram was really big into using and promoting the use of hashtags before Facebook came along. Now, when you click on the search icon in the app, you’re now directed to a screen of posts that Facebook thinks are relevant to you and what’s trending (in relation to your page and who you follow or interact with). This is the standard on how people browse and find random and new profiles.
Lastly, unless you’re an Instagram page looking to make money off of sponsorships, such as an Instagram model, you’re degrading your company. Hashtags throw up a huge red flag that says “SPAM ALERT”, so stop doing it! You’re making your company look desperate and ridiculous, and now, for very little return.
So, what can you do to acquire new followers?
  • You can focus on posting quality content. If you post content that people actually enjoy and interact with, Facebook will assist you and help your post and page reach a larger audience.
  • Using and creating your own hashtags (no more than three per post), and incorporate those hashtags into your marketing strategy.
  • Have an actual marketing strategy that incorporates your social media into all of the other aspects of your company. Your company’s social media shouldn’t be separate from the rest of your company. If it is, you’re wasting time and energy fighting an uphill battle.
Here are some large brands that use hashtags properly: M&M’S, Lego, Starbucks, and Taco Bell
Check out those brands and see how they use their own hashtags or trending hashtags in order to create more relevant and interactive content.

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