Facebook: Are They Limiting Your Reach?

If you believe that Facebook is limiting your reach, then you need to rethink your content. Facebook isn’t trying to force it’s users into advertising. They’re trying to force it’s users into posting and creating quality content. Personal pages, and even advertisements, all go through the same algorithms. When you create an advertisement, Facebook will even go out of their way to warn you that your ad won’t do well, and if your content really sucks, they’ll cancel the ad altogether. 
If Facebook was as greedy as some people make them out to be, then why would they cancel an ad?  So, what’s different?
As Facebook and Instagram become more and more popular for small businesses, advertisers, and publishers, the more competition you’re having to fight against. This even includes your personal page, pages that you want to follow, business pages, and advertisements. It’s becoming harder to come up with quality content. Every single page that I manage, their reach continues to increase every single week. Facebook isn’t the problem. Your content is. If you decide to discontinue the use of Facebook and Instagram because you feel as if you’re getting scammed into advertising, then consider this:
  1. Posting organic content on Facebook and Instagram is FREE. 
  2. Advertising costs money. It always has, and it always will.
  3. Try building a brand or an online business without the use of Facebook and Instagram. Good luck!!
  4. If you’re quitting Facebook, then make sure that you quit Twitter, Google, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Billboards, and Television Commercials as well. You’ll run into the exact same problems here.
Even IF Facebook was trying to con you into paying for advertisements, could you really blame them? They’re a business, not a charity organization.
If you want to increase your reach, both organically and with paid advertisements, you have to create better content. Every target audience and every sing individual out there all enjoy something different. To find out what works for your page, you need to test, test, test. Test every single day. Try something new, think outside the box, and put effort into your content. 

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