Are you getting frustrated with Facebook and your lack of interactions, and then continue to blame Facebook? Well, I have some good news and some bad news for you. The bad news: It’s you, not Facebook. The good news: You can fix it. Here are 5 signs that you’re using Facebook wrong:
1. If you are getting on Facebook and literally asking for likes as a way to get around Facebook’s algorithm, you’re doing it wrong. Facebook’s algorithm is designed to get quality content into the faces of your followers and target audience. Want more interactions? Start posting up high quality, and relatable content.
2. If you are counting comments, you’re doing it wrong. There is a lot more that goes into how Facebook determines what your following sees, and it’s not just comments and likes. With a Facebook Business Page, it’s a completely different beast than that of a personal page, and Facebook now has new ways of tracking how well your content is doing.
3. If clicking that “Boost” button without setting up target and custom audiences, you are not only doing it wrong, but you are wasting your money. Why would you advertise your Facebook Page to people that are already following you? Why would you advertise a product to someone that has already purchased it? There is a lot more into it than just clicking “Boost” and getting additional likes.
4. If you are complaining about Facebook’s algorithms or about the lack of interactions on your content, then you are definitely doing it wrong. Companies are literally making millions off of Facebook Advertising – I know this, because I run several companies that are doing this consistently well. Facebook, even though people are getting tired of seeding ads in their news feed, is still the best place to advertise, it still has the highest ROI, and it continues grow every single day.
5. If the only content that you post could be considered an advertisement, you are doing it wrong. Facebook hates Ads, which is why they came up with these algorithms in the first place. No one wants to see ads or junk on their news feed. People interact less with posts that resemble ads, which means your relevance rating gets significantly reduced, which means your post (advertisement) won’t do much, if anything at all. Facebook is a social media platform, not coupon booklet. People check their Facebook every day to see content that they can relate to and interact with.
Facebook is a lot to handle and in order to be successful at it, it requires a ton of effort, research, and content development. We handle a lot of our clients’ social media channels, and for all of them, Facebook has been the best option for them and their goals. If you own your own business, we highly recommend that you hire someone to handle your Facebook and Advertising for you. If you decide to hire someone or a company to handle it for you, make sure they have success stories to backup their claims at being an expert. Nowadays, Google makes everyone an expert in everything.

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